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Breakdown tips for safer, smarter Drivers

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Encountering a broken down vehicle
If you come across anybody asking for help, remember to gear down and be cautious if you see flashing lights on the roadside. This could be for a broken engine.

■ When you pass a flashing yellow light, slow down and be more attentive to the danger. Keep calm and slowly pass your vehicle.
■ Driving cautiously post a breakdown ensure your and your passengers’ safety. Not just that, other road users and emergency or roadside assistance workers are also prone to accidents while resolving one.
■ Slow down your speed and keep a safe distance between your car and the car under repair.
■ If you witness blue or red flashing lights then bring down your speed to 25 km/hr or may be even slower.
Look for workers on or near the danger zone and let them do their work safely.

Car Breakdown
Car Breakdown
Man calling for help to fix his car
Man calling for help to fix his car

What if your own vehicle breaks down?

There are steps given below in case your vehicle breaks down and you need help at roadside. This way you can keep yourself save and passengers crossing by the same path.
▶ Be Alert- you can’t rely on other driver’s vigilance. They might not be able to observe your emergency indications.
▶ Find a safe spot to stop. Park your car in extreme left.
▶ Make sure you are still seen. Turn on your warning lights. Turn on your parking lights or you can even raise car’s bonnet.
▶ If it’s safe to leave from the car, try to exit from the left.
▶ Be aware when you need to change a flat tyre or slip under the bonnet. Watch out for other cars passing by. If you don’t find it safe, immediately call for roadside assistance.

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