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Do Women really deserve “the bad drivers” tag?

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To answer this question we have asked few women for their views. The responses showed that women go a lot many things while driving. As a known fact, women are good at multitasking. But does this help women drive better? Some common challenges they face are:

Phone Calls

Too many calls are frustrating especially if you’re driving alone. But, if you are getting late back home you cannot avoid calls, no responses will definitely freak out your waiting loved ones even more. At this hour of rush, your best friend (which is mobile) becomes your biggest enemy (reason of distraction).To sum it up I can say that traveling alone after dark is not safe and this also panics family back home.
Also, if you are driving to meet someone and getting “late” situation makes it worse by receiving multiple calls from the person waiting on other side. It is not advisable to keep others waiting for you. In short, few calls cannot be missed.

Waiting household courses to attend

Some women also have worries about the household courses waiting for them back home, the trail of worries start & get you diverted from traffic etiquette. With this a lot of parameters get overlooked like speed, rpm or say force of acceleration.

Fear of breakdown in the middle of the route

Not everyone can change a punctured tyre or work on an engine failure. Let’s not be gender biased here because with this even my male friends can relate to. We need a professional’s help in most of the cases but it takes time and energy to get a help or to even find out the nearest assistance.

Find your car

Most of the women said that finding your car in a parking lot is tedious and stressful. Imagine a case where it is late night and you see nobody around you in your office parking, you would quickly want to search your car and get into it, isn’t it?

Solutions with Ingenious

With Ingenious device having GPS tracker no need to worry about getting multiple calls while you are driving. The tracker will give your exact location and time to reach home. This will definitely cut down all panic calls from your loved ones. Rest can be attended later 😉

With a lot of responsibilities comes authority and quick decision making ability. Sorry, we cannot yet help you out with responsibilities but we can surely alert you with ongoing abnormalities around you.

Folks… With the nearby feature and GPS, no need to worry about breakdown rescues. GPS will show your location to nearby help. Also, an emergency call will be placed to your emergency contacts when too many fault codes are detected.

Track and Trail: Locates your car and directs a route to your vehicle. This way you can quickly avoid scary parking areas.
Be it Men or Women, both have got their own individual skills of driving but with Ingenious we can take care of all unnatural and unexpected difficulties coming along their way while driving on road.

Wish you a happy & safe driving!

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