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Ingenious School Bus and Student Tracking Platform (ISBT)

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After successful launching of Ingenious GPS Tracking solution for individual car owners.  Netwin did further researched to extend the platform to School Bus and Student Tracking.  As parents are always worried about their children while sending to school. Whether my child has reached school safely, if bus is late and child does not reach home on time, mother is always worried about it and she tries to call school admin or bus driver multiple times. With calls coming from so many parents, it becomes difficult for school admin or bus driver to focus on his driving or attend the calls. So make it simple Netwin Infosolutions has launched Ingenious School Bus Tracking and Student Tracking solution. The Ingenious platform shall send the notification when you child get into the bus and when he/she reaches school. After school hours when the child get into the bus parent will be notified and when the child drop off the bus the parent will be notified. So even if you are at your work place, you will be notified about your child reaching home and school.

Netwin has provided web based management console for School admin to manage routes of all the buses, their schedule arrival and departure timing, their actual status running late or in-time with respect to schedule.  Complete tracking of School Bus and Student is provided at your fingertips.


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