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Save Fuel, Save Money, Save Environment !!!

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Drive Efficiently

Slow Down and Save | Every time you rise speed of your car by 10 km/hr over 100km/hr , fuel efficiency drops by 10%. Which means driving at 120 km/hr on highway instead of 100 costs 20% more fuel.

Easy on the Pedal | Always easy on gas pedal while driving from one traffic signal to the next and save only 2.5 minutes an hour, but increase fuel consumption by 37%.

Smooth Sailing | Keep a steady speed of a car on highways. Always accelerate smoothly and avoid hard braking by keeping enough safe distance in front car and yours.

Be Idle Free | Ten seconds of idling of car uses more fuel than restarting the engine. In ten minutes, the average car will burn 300 ml of fuel.

Warm Up on The Go | Driving swiftly for the first few minutes gets your transmission, steering, and engine all warm up at once. 

Combine journeys | journeys or trips underneath 5 km area are the foremost polluting as a result of the engine and therefore the pollution system never reaches peak operational temperature. Combining many trips into one will cut fuel use and emissions by 20 to 50%.
Travel light-weight | When you carry each additional hundred pounds reduces fuel efficiency by up to 2%, therefore keep your trunk afar from unnecessary things, and in winter take clear all snow and ice.

Maintain and Save

Tyre Pressure | The lower the pressure on your car tyres, the more fuel the car must use to move. Only 1 tyre under-inflated by eight psi will increase fuel consumption by 4%, and cut the lifetime of the tire by 15,000 km. Check the tyre pressure once a week. Always put air according to car type & its manual.

Motor Oil | Using worn-out oil, or the incorrect grade of oil, will increase fuel use by 2%. Alter it often with the grade listed in your owners’ manual. According to Shell  “Energy Conserving” brands will cut down friction, lower viscosity , rising potency even more.

Air Filter | Fuel use will increase up to 10% when the air cleaner is clogged, as a result of not enough air makes it to the combustion chambers. Check it on an equivalent schedule as you alter the oil, or additional usually if you travel oftentimes on dust-covered roads.
Tune Ups | Keeping your vehicle in tune will cut back fuel consumption by up to 15% and smogginess -air pollution by a mixture of smoke and fog inflicting emissions by even additional. Follow the service schedule of car in your owners’ manual.

 Reduce your use of the car air conditioning | Another hidden fuel-sucker is the car air conditioning. It always seems pleasant to have a temperature-controlled car in December, the truth is that it’s probably costing you money, so ask yourself if it really is worth it.

Remove the roof rack | This is another good idea, the more luggage weighing heavily on top of your car, the more drag is created while driving at high speeds and also, it is not safe.

Always invest in a more fuel-efficient car | If you are serious about cutting fuel costs in long-term, consider investing in a new, energy efficient car before buying the car always look for performance as well as efficiency of the car . Car manufactures are increasingly designing new energy efficiency and eco-friendly vehicles (cars) like Toyota Yaris Hybrid, Toyota Prius, Tesla Model S.

Save Fuel, Save Money, Save Environment

Drive Less

Carpool | It saves cash, reduces pollution, and creates a friendlier commute.

Let somebody else do the Driving | Taking transit frees up time to scan the paper, catch informed work, or chat with friends. And it’s usually cheaper than taking the automotive.

Get Active | Cycling or walking could be a healthy different, particularly for brief gas-guzzling errands. In 20 minutes, the common person will walk 2km or bike 5km.

Become fully aware of traffic conditions | Always use GPS Navigation before driving, look for the traffic alerts.

Make use of public transport networks | This better then carpool option. Using public transports like Bus, metro, railways will reduce carbon footprint.

Telecommute |Working from house may be promoted as much as possible – and doing it just one occasion every week will boost job satisfaction and productivity whereas cutting your commute emissions by 20%.

Save Fuel, Save Money, Save Environment
Save Fuel, Save Money, Save Environment

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